Welcome to Scaluza, a place for ARM and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

Main focus of this site is development of projects and libraries for STM32F429IDISCO MCU as well as Raspberry Pi computer. Scaluza will be divided into categories which will consist of various tutorials, libraries or projects just waiting to be made.

Goal of this webpage is to alleviate development of ARM projects and generally show people that it’s not that hard as it seems.We hope that you will find something useful on this webpage to motivate us on continuing our work.

If you have any questions or suggestions, it’s desirable to ask them in the chat below post or by mail. Please try not to copy/paste whole code into comment section, rather use pastebin (http://pastebin.com/) and just share link into comment with question of potential problem.

All the code will be posted on github.

You can contact us through:

Email: support@scaluza.com